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american-psycho book cover

Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho

By | Journal, Thoughts
american-psycho book cover

Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho was savaged by critics when it first came out back in 1991 but has gone on to be a modern classic unique in its style. The book is both dark and sinister with a twist of psychotic comedy that engroses the main character Patrick Bateman.
The lead character is both slick and stylish and is said to have suits made by Edward Sexton in the book. With an obsession to seek perfection in all areas of life, Patrick even has an uncomfortable obsession with needing better business cards than everyone around him. A true psycho and a rather unconventional mention for Edward Sexton.

Earlier in the evening I was having dinner with Jeanette at a
new Northern Italian restaurant near Central Park on the Upper East
Side that was very expensive. Earlier in the evening I was wearing a
suit tailored by Edward Sexton and thinking sadly about my family’s
house in Newport. Earlier in the night after dropping Jeanette off I
stopped at M.K. for a fund-raiser that had something to do with Dan
Quayle, who even I don’t like.

Lion adorning blazer stripe tie

The Lion

By | Journal, Romancing

Lions are truly noble creatures. For centuries they have been associated with royalty, heralded as symbols of honour and pride, stamped as marks of distinction upon products of great quality, and have stood guard over the rare and the precious.

Now, the lion proudly adorns our blazer stripe ties, and can sit upon the lapels of the finest Edward Sexton suits, an enduring testimony to their quality. See our Lapel pins.

Edward Sexton on Radio 4

By | News, Recent Press

Edward Sexton was interviewed by Libby Purves in November 2014 on Radio 4 along with other guests including concert pianist Janina Fialkowska, Dolores Payas who translated books written by the travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor and voice coach Gary Catona.

Edward discusses how he first got involved in tailoring and a brief history of the iconic brand that evolved from the 60’s.

Tweed Wedding Suit

Tone on Tone tweed

By | Journal, Romancing

There is perhaps nothing more seasonal than authentic Scottish and Irish Tweed. Rustic, textural and earthy, a fine tweed sports coat or even a country suit feels both timelessly elegant and sensitively seasonal in character.

The impressive variety of yarns employed in the weaving of the best tweed ensures that the cloth displays a deep, tonal and complex palette. In the hands of Edward Sexton and shaped with a beautifully balanced silhouette, this often humble fabric becomes a thing of great beauty, elevated to the perfect Sexton garment.