Making the Right Choices


When a new client books their first appointment with Edward Sexton, we appreciate that it can be a daunting, or at the very least unknown experience. The world of bespoke tailoring and couture design is complex and commissioning bespoke clothes involves a wealth of different choices relating to cloth, colour, pattern, cut, style and shape.

Quality of design and an uncompromising service are ideals central to Edward Sexton. We like to ensure that customers make the right choices, and at the start of the Sexton process we take time to listen to every customer and determine exactly what it is that appeals to their sense of style, their lifestyle, social necessities and the requirements for their clothes – we call it our Design Consultation.

This consultation ensures that the customer is listened to, and that we can share ideas and design-suggestions – using our considerable experience in bespoke and couture design to produce designs that not only fulfil the customer’s initial request, but which also perform well functionally and make for elegant, trouble-free and satisfying clothes to wear.


Irish Donegal Business suits will require a fundamentally different cut, cloth and tone to lounge suits or garments designed for formal wear or evening dress. A business suit must be durable; it is worn day-in, day-out. It must bear an element of professional understatement; cut in a classic, yet hardwearing worsted, or with a traditionally sartorial chalkstripe to add a touch of authority. Lounge suiting can be more luxurious, cut in rich flannels or glossy, delicate worsteds and the styling details can afford to make a little more of a statement. Weekend jackets can be softer and at their
best feel easy-to-wear. Some cloths will be better suited to travelling than others and some will perform well in certain temperatures, seasons or particular environments. Understanding these differences and working with a customer to make the right design decisions is of paramount importance to Edward Sexton.

This level of expert knowledge, combined with a measured, design-driven process to creating all our clothes ensures that customers approaching us for new garments (whether it be the first or fifteenth time to visit), can come to a tailoring house that truly takes pride in understanding its customers, and crafts clothes for customers that they can trust-in.