Black & Brown Chalk Stripe Flannel Drape Jacket

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Dark, bold, and dramatic, the Black & Brown Chalk Stripe Drape Jacket commands attention with its real sense of presence. The bold stripe and dark colours are softened by the flow and drape of the fabric and the well-crafted cut of the jacket.
Jacket Size
About the block

The Edward Sexton Drape Jacket – a masterpiece inspired by the softer and rounder jackets that Edward first crafted at Kilgour in the 1960s. This jacket boasts subtly extended shoulders with soft padding, creating a supremely comfortable and relaxed fit. For the Drape Jacket, we select exquisite materials like smooth gabardine, plush corduroy, and heavy Irish linen. These fabrics not only provide exceptional comfort but also evolve in character and improve with age, ensuring a jacket that stands the test of time. To further enhance the balance and appeal of our Drape Jacket, we incorporate a second button. This addition harmonizes the generous chest and shoulder lines, resulting in a jacket that's as comfortable as it is elegant. With the Edward Sexton Drape Jacket, you'll experience the perfect fusion of classic craftsmanship and modern comfort, embodying the essence of timeless style that only improves with the years.

Cloth information

Bold and striking, the Black and Beige Chalk Stripe Flannel Cloth features a solid dark black ground contrasted with soft autumnal tone stripes. Woven in Italy from 100% wool, this cloth boasts a good weight and a generous pile at 380 g/m.

Product details

• Single breasted
• Notch lapel
• Two front button
• Straight X Pockets with flaps
• Out breast welt
• Side vents
• 2 in-breast pockets
• Pen pocket bellow left in breast
• Ticket pocket in left facing
• Full floating canvas
• Edge stitching by hand
• Button Holes by hand
• Working cuff with 4 sham button holes in the sleeve can be altered before button holes can be cut.
Inlay to lengthen the sleeve up to 2”
• Inlay to lent out the waist up to 2”

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