Made to Measure

During a design consultation Edward and Dominic steer the customer towards a suit which will compliment both his requirements, physique and lifestyle with guidance on cloth choices and cut being given accordingly. Measurements will be taken and the customer fitted into one of Edward’s bespoke fitting-garments to enable further, finely detailed adjustments to be made to the pattern. This attention to detail allows for the tailoring workshop to produce a garment with an exceptionally close, form-fitting cut, uncommon to lesser made-to-measure services. Six to eight weeks later the suit will be ready for a fitting. Any necessary adjustments are made at this stage by Edward’s in-house team of bespoke tailors to ensure that the garment is perfect. The suit will then be ready for a final fitting and collection shortly after.

With Edward Sexton Made-to-Measure, the house has redefined the quality and exclusivity associated with ‘made-to-measure’ tailoring, offering a truly superior service in elevated Sexton style, at a distinctly affordable price.

“We don’t pretend it is bespoke, but it is as close as you can get.”
– Dominic Sebag-Montefiore.

“Edward Sexton made-to-measure is not a compromise; it is a comprehensive fusion of traditional bespoke hand-craftsmanship and cutting-edge tailoring technology.”

The Concept

Dominic Sebag-Montefiore joined Edward Sexton in 2007 having trained with Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row, with the aim of adding a sartorial string to the Sexton bow; the creation of a truly superior made-to-measure tailoring service. All too often, made-to-measure tailoring is an unsatisfying compromise, whereby a poorly fitting suit is made to a price, with only superficial adjustments being made to an unremarkable ready-to-wear product. Dominic determined that this need not be the case:

“I see so many made-to-measure suits which display a clear lack of understanding of balance, proportion and finesse. These suits do not justify the considerable prices paid for them. They are made by companies that run as businesses, by people who lack expertise in the art-form of bespoke tailoring. I wanted to create an alternative and introduce a service par excellence – at less than half the price of full-bespoke – but administered exclusively with the artisanal understanding of our experienced bespoke tailors. Edward and I have worked tirelessly with our English workshop, translating Edward’s refined bespoke patterns and signature silhouette to achieve the perfect balance between hand-tailoring and the latest modern technology. The result is a truly unique made-to-measure garment – with all the style of our full-bespoke.”

The Process

Edward Sexton made-to-measure is perhaps the only service of its kind which is truly uncompromising. The made-to-measure patterns are hand-cut by Edward and Dominic in precisely the same fashion as with a Sexton bespoke garment, meaning that there are none of the design limitations expected of a conventional made-to-measure service. Jackets are fully canvassed and structured in precisely the same way as a bespoke garment for an elegant, expressive finish. Lapels are padded for a signature deep Sexton roll, sleeves are perfectly pitched, button-holes and topstitching hand-sewn for a bespoke finish. The quality of construction employed is unique, meeting Sexton standards, and those alone.