The whole team here at Edward Sexton are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Edward, our founder.

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It is difficult to communicate just how much Edward meant to all of us. His pioneering spirit, impeccable style, charming character and complete attention to the craft of tailoring have made this house what it is today.

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July 27, 2023


Lindsay McKee said:

I sadly never had the opportunity to meet the great man himself and it would have been wonderful to have had the opportunity to commission something with him.
However, I’d hope to visit the atelier in Savile Row one day.

David Tillinghast said:

As a child of the sixties, once I reached adulthood, I dreamed of commissioning a bespoke garment from Edward Sexton, images of Mick and the Beatles striding across Abbey Road indelibly burned indelibly into my brain. Those photos represented all of the swagger, classicism, insouciance, impeccable taste – and of course, the deftness of fit and craft — that remain the legacy of vision. I had just met with Nina Penlington for my first Sexton commission, a navy Greatcoat, when I learned of his passing. While I am disappointed I will never get to meet the man and the legend, it is apparent his legacy is in the best of hands. I look forward to see the way his vision, alive and thriving, transforms my wardrobe and informs my style through commissions to come.

Kelsey Lynne said:

My parents and I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Sexton and working with him and his amazing team in 2015. I was getting married in America and my mom and I wanted my dad to have this experience of an exquisite suit made by Mr. Sexton for my wedding. My dad has been a long time admirer of his work and his story (in addition to being a very big Beatles/Paul McCartney fan!). It ended up not only being a dream come true for my dad but also a once in a lifetime experience for my mom and myself. I will never forget how special this was and how lovely Mr. Sexton and his team were. You will be dearly missed.

Simon Carmichael said:

I turned up at Edward’s atelier on Beauchamp Place with my copy of ‘The London Cut’ and brazenly asked if he was in and if so would he mind signing my book on the ‘Edward Sexton’ page. He obliged and spent several minutes chatting to me. Something he didn’t need to do; something I will never forget. My book is a treasured possession.

Greg Monforton said:

While I never had the chance to meet Mr. Sexton, I am certain I would have found the experience both delightful and memorable. Both in manner and in dress, he exemplified a sense of dignified and yet exciting style that seems far too rare in todays’ world in which elegance, grace and style have been overtaken by expedience. He will be greatly missed all around the world.

Dorota Stumpf said:

Innovation through dedicated skill … generously sprinkled with genius. I will forever be inspired x

Jacopo Maria di Rienzo said:

Although I was never able to meet him in the flesh, I can say with complete confidence and the utmost admiration that Edward was an incomparable beacon of light for the sartorialists of the world who, during his lifetime and following his call to God, brought the highest honor to the craft of tailoring and left a legacy that will stand prouder and longer than any of us will live to see. Edward, Joe Morgan, and Tommy Nutter will always stand as the triforce collective of the coolest tailors on Earth, and I’ve always looked forward to having my wedding tails (morning and evening!) tailored by the House of Sexton.

Requiem æternam dona ei, Domine
Et lux perpetua luceat ei:
Requiescat in pace.

“Le roi est mort, vive le roi!” (“The king is dead, long live the king!”)

Aline said:

A gentleman !
A master !
You’ve dressed 3 generations in our family
No one made a tuxedo for a woman like you did … no one
Heaven is having a party I hope you are dressing everyone up there
Onto the next one Ed !
With love

Johnson Chan said:

I met Edward in Hong Kong and London. He was a charming gentlemen. I saw him works, coaches, advises…a true lengend to me. Our meetings and conversations remain sweet memories to me. Rest in Peace Edward!

Ian said:

I worked with Edward in 2006 on a bbc series. He wanted to make for me so I’d wear his garments when working on The Row. I said I couldn’t accept a gift whike working, so he made the 3pc by rock of eye without any measuring. When I finally put it on – first fitting – it was like a glove. I humbly asked if, given my smallish head, the lapels could be a little smaller. “Ian. People think I am making a suit for THEM, but until it goes out the door” he growled, “it’s mine”. I wear it these days with respect and joy and whenever I want a lift. God bless his heard, a legend who lives forever.

Noah Taylor said:

An artist and a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.
My condolences to the Sexton family and his colleagues.

Richard Pullin said:

I was very saddened to hear the news of his passing. I worked with Edward in the eighty’s and always found him a pleasure to work with. He was great fun and will be sadly missed.

Brook Llewellyn Shepard said:

I can honestly say that I was aware of Edward Sexton before I knew what Savile Row was. When I saw him in person for the first time last May – man, he did not disappoint. He looked as elegant, and simultaneously rowdy, as a man could. Condolences to the family.

Oliver Greenaway said:

I will be forever proud to have met and spoken to you. Your legend will continue, of that I have no doubt. Thank you.

Tony King said:

Edward made the first ever Tommy Nutter suit for me and was the cutter with a great reputation. He was also a lot of fun and I had many laughs with him in the Savile Row shop and was able to help gather celebrity suits when he did the Nutter Show at Zandra’s gallery in Bermondsey Street. He will be sadly missed but he made his mark with his beautiful work. Rest in peace Edward. Tony.x

Abdulrahman Alqarawi said:

I was very sad when I read the news. Words do not do justice in describing how great Edward was. He was a very inspiring gentleman. His Art Deco approach to tailoring along with his keen sense of crisp elegance, vintage style and quality craftsmanship is like no other. Edward indeed revolutionized the tailoring industry and took it up to another level without a doubt. He influenced me and my taste in tailoring by a lot. He will be sadly missed. RIP

John Lunn said:

The stories, the legend, shaking up Savile Row, dressing the stars…..a wonderful person with an incredible attention to detail. Loved our conversations, he really cared to make something special. Thank you, Edward.

Dennis Langeraar and Lex Bouwer said:

When I read the email that Edward Sexton had passed away, I became extremely sad. My visits to London stimulated my enthusiasm for English menswear. My view of men’s suits was opened up by visiting Savile Row and especially Edward Sexton. The typical characteristics of Edward Sexton, his exquisite ‘handwriting’, which fits seamlessly with my own clothing wishes. I really miss him. I offer my condolences to his staff(Dominic in particular) and family.

Kind regards,

Dennis Langeraar and Lex Bouwer (the Netherlands 🇳🇱)

Chris Jones said:

I was surprised the first time I met Edward. I had bought a second hand Edward Sexton suit for about £300. I didn’t know anything about him but I liked the suit so much that I decided to see if a couple of small alterations could be made at his Beauchamp Place studios the next time I was up in London. Dominic did most of the heavy lifting in making the arrangements. When I went in I was very nervous as, at that time, the rarified world of Savile Row tailoring was beyond my means (but I could afford to throw £300 at some alterations). When Dominic was advising me of what needed to be done Edward appeared, Ninja like, behind me. He shook my hand but was more interested in the suit and was curious to see if he remembered making it and for who. He didn’t say much but I was surprised that he would venture out to see someone who only wanted some alteration. But it was nice that he made the effort. Fast forward a month and the alterations had been completed. Dominic had me to try on the suit which, to me at least, seemed a perfect fit. Edward once again ventured out and started laying his hands on the shoulders and the chest making marks with his chalk. I was happy to walk away but he insisted that more work was done. I can’t remember whether Dominic or Peter was there for the third encounter but, once again, Edward came out. What I remember the most about Edward was the look on his face when I tried it on. He positively beamed that new life was brought into a suit made years earlier. The fit was perfect and he knew it. The cost of these alteration was about £300 but, for that, I met him 3 times. As a result of his kindness, there wasn’t really too much thought as to which tailor I would choose to have to make me a suit. I ended up having 11 suits and jackets made. I last saw him just before his 80th birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the celebrations at the new premises on Savile Row but I did bring him a bottle of Dior Eau Sauvage which I read, in the House of Nutter, was his favourite. He will be sadly missed but what a great life he had and his legacy will live on. Best wishes to his family and everyone at ES.

Joe Sexton said:

I had the great privilege to meet and have a fitting with Edward last summer around this time during a visit from the U.S. to the UK. It had long been a dream of mine to have an Edward Sexton suit made, not only because a legendary tailor shared my surname, but because his distinctive style stood out from every other tailor I researched.

I was merely an American tourist, underdressed, and certainly not a VIP. But Edward made me feel like I was his best and older customer. I had made an appointment for a single fitting, but Edward decided I could benefit from a second fitting and made time to meet me the following day. He was genuinely friendly, had a great sense of humor, and even let me take a photo of the two of us together to mark the occasion. To top it all off, my offshore bespoke suit is absolutely beautiful. I will never forget my brief time with Edward, and only regret that I didn’t make the journey to meet him sooner. Forever grateful to Edward and his team.

Charles Anzarut said:

Sadly I never had the opportunity to visit or meet Mr Sexton. I have however been lucky enough to last 40 or 50 years to have my suits tailored by a wonderful tailor here in Melbourne who originally hailed from Sicily. So many of my suits have been inspired by the wonderful tailoring, cutting and inspired creations that Mr Sexton created.So thank you Mr Sexton so many of my suits have been inspired by what you created. Albeit with an Italian/Sicilian twist. So from this far afield as Australia thank you for what you brought to the world.Charles

Kailash Kutwaroo said:

My Father and Mother (Nick and ‘T’) worked with Edward from the early 1980s until the early 2000’s tailoring suits for some top dollar people. Dad always said he was a class guy with a nose for both style and top notch customers. Both my parents have passed now but my condolences to Edward’s family (we got to know his son Paul really well in that period)..He certainly made more than an impact in the tailoring world and my father always realised he had arrived as a Tailor when he began working with him.. with love and shared memories from the Kutwaroo family…

Tshepo Monnye said:

The mighty tree of sartorialism has untimely fallen. Death is a frightful disaster no matter what is the cause and the age of the person affected (Mandela,1969). Nonetheless, I will always remember him as one of the Godfathers of tailoring. As such, the Edward Sexton team must put the shoulders to the wheel to maintain his sartorial legacy.

Thibault Pilette said:

I had a chance to meet Edward during a fitting a few weeks before my wedding which took place less than a month ago. My father and I received so many compliments on the beautiful suits we were wearing. For the rest of my life, I will get to remember this magical day during which I wore my most elegant suit ever. Thank you Edward,

My deepest condolences to Edward’s family and team.

Steve Sohmer said:

It’s certainly at least 40 years ago that, in the course of wandering about Mayfair I wandered into Edward’s place of business. It was the beginning of a wonderful journey, of many luncheons and dinners in London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Most memorable, was one occasion when David and Mrs. Sexton drove up to Oxford to visit me. Recently, Edward graciously made two suits and some slacks for my son, David. Those will always be a joyous and melancholy reminder of a gifted artist and elegant gentleman.

Kyle Taylor aka DonJonVonavich said:

I owned an upscale menswear store in Nashville, TN during the 1980s. I hosted a truck show with Edward. It was a smashing success. We sold over 50 units of tailored clothing that day. At that time his garments started at $2,400. We also had loads of fun. Like most good Brits, Edward enjoyed his pints. He returned twice a year for the next three years. It was always a treat to have him in town.

He made me numerous suits and jackets, but the most impressive was a set of full dress tails. They were a masterwork of tailoring and the fit was perfection. I wore them many times and, without a doubt, was always among the rare few that had achieved sartorial perfection. They are memorialized as a metaphorical vehicle in my upcoming novel.

Edward, you will be missed, but I trust your legacy will live on.

eric said:

A legend in the industry. You will be missed but your legacy and contributions will live on through your work.

Danny said:

One of my sartorial goals was to get a suit made by Edward. I was lucky enough for an opportunity to commission an offshore bespoke suit by Dominic and the Edward Sexton team when they came to LA with the London Collective. Absolutely love the suit! Edward Sexton will continue to live on and inspire with his style, grace, and living works of art in his clothing. Truly an icon in the world of fashion, and will never be forgotten. Prayers to his family and those close to him.

和田晟季 from JAPAN said:

I’m Japanese and 21yearsold. I’m pursuing a dream to become a tailor. I have never met Mr.Edward, however, you meant so much to me. I love the master on the row

Stephen Dolman said:

I’ve been a customer of Edwards since 1971
I still wear a couple of suits from the early. 80’s which still receive compliments
My last couple of suits were for my daughters wedding a couple of years ago
A charming man, it was a pleasure knowing him

Sue Evans said:

I am so deeply deeply saddened to hear that Edward is no longer with us .

I was privileged to have the opportunity of working with him in the late 1980s as part of his team to launch the ES concession in SAKS Fifth Avenue . Our trips to the big apple are amongst the most memorable times in my life .

Thank you Edward for your unsurpassed creativity and skill ,for showing me that almost anything can be achieved in life , that everyone is special whatever their social standing /status ,for your unconditional inspiration and for the joy and light that you spread .

May you forever shine as the beacon that you are . Always in my heart dear man . What a legend you were .

Sincere condolences to Joan , all your family and team .

Mike said:

It was an absolute planetary alignment of pure luck that Edward walked into the shop during the brief time I was there, having made the pilgrimage from America.

Nina and Dominic were wonderful, and Edward strolled right up and began discussing my measurements, which were in progress.

He was lovely and charming. I will never forget how fortunate I was to meet the legend, himself.

Rest in power.

Alessandro said:

I’m glad and proud to have some of his iconic pieces in my wardrobe.

A visionary man that became legendary and that leaves, now, a recognizable and seminal heritage.

Condolences to his family and his Team.

Dyedyer said:

A legend. Unique. Grateful to have had him with us.


The sharpest.
Thank you Mr Sexton.

Nicholas Lewis said:

Edward and his team created my first bespoke suit several years ago, and I am glad that I have a little bit of clothing created by the tailoring legend in my wardrobe to remember the man and the ‘bespoke’ experience. Edward was a gent and down to earth and it was nice to see him back on Savile Row in the last year. My thoughts are with the family and ES team. Best, Nick

Gabriel Tanure said:

Never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sexton, but I had the priviledge of working on some of his coats while apprenticing with one of his coatmakers. Only by seeing his garments being made, I realised how complex and unique, Mr. Sexton work is. For a kid from Brazil, who always dreamt of becoming a tailor, Mr. Sexton was a reference and will remain an inspiration to the entire industry.

My deepest condolences to the family and the team.

Alexandre Barradas said:

Edward Sexton inspired me in my sartorial journey with his beautiful work and hopefully he will inspire many more. You will be sadly missed!
Requiescat in pace

David Ewing said:

I was deeply saddened by this news. He was simply the best in his craft.

Uwe Leonhardt said:

Condolences to his family and friends.

Sarvpreet Singh said:

Perhaps the greatest sartorial craftsman of his generation, Ed could create whatever his clients could conceive! May his soul rest in peace!

Yoshimi Hasegawa said:

It was a shock to hear the unexpected news of Mr. Edward Sexton passing.
I was fortunate enough to interview Mr Sexton. I always record and transcribed the entire interview, so reading the transcript of the recording at the time reminded me of many of his precious words. (If you are interested, please see the article from the bio).
‘A bespoke suit is an expression of an individual’s identity. You wear the garment, the garment doesn’t wear you. I wanted to create clothes with a more personal approach to this.
He became the darling of the times, he set trends, but he didn’t like the word ‘trendy’."
He said. ‘Our style was very unique and structured, but very modern. It wasn’t trendy, it was very sophisticated conservatism with a twist."
‘I once told Davide @davidetaub Even if you have made 100 good suits up to that point, if the last suit is unsatisfactory, the previous 100 suits will be forgotten. The customer will only remember the last badly made suit. That’s why we should aim for a more perfect suit every time."
It was also a valuable experience to have my measurements taken by him himself.
The only mohair suit with VBC I have is the one he chose for me.
He says: “Trust me. If you wear a good suit, you will get a good job to match it.”
As a result, Mr Sexton proved his words.
He was a rare truly master tailor with a solid sense of beauty and kindness towards people.
I extend my deepest sympathies to his team and his family.
May he rest in peace.

Dakota Rae said:

Thanks for your creation and quality that you have brought into my and other people’s lives!

vincent said:

God bless you Edward great guy will be sadly missed xxx

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