Made-to-Measure Tailoring

Our made-to-measure tailoring is designed for those with a creative disposition. It enables clients to style a one-off garment in unique cloth, with a pattern adjusted from our ready-to-wear blocks. Made for connoisseurs who value unique tailoring, and for customers who struggle to find a close fit off-the-peg, our made-to-measure service is as sophisticated as it is convenient.

A Blank Canvas

Our made-to-measure tailoring is the perfect service for you to create a truly personal garment with us. Choose from a curated library of more than 750 bespoke tailoring cloths; from luxurious woollen flannels to fine Italian linens, and combine any of our jacket, trouser and waistcoat models as you like. You can also specify details like lapel style, your jacket pockets, vents, button stance, trouser belt loops or side straps, and cuff details.

Crafted With Care

Our made-to-measure garments are made to the same high standards as our ready-to-wear tailoring, with thoughtful details and superior finishing. Jackets feature a full floating canvas construction for a three-dimensional silhouette, and lapels and pocket-flaps are top-stitched by hand. Every made-to-measure client will be fitted in their new clothes before they leave the workroom, to ensure we can make any small adjustments required for a superior fit.

Perfect For Individualists

We created our made-to-measure service for individuals who struggle to find ready-to-wear garments that fit well; particularly for clients who are either tall or on the shorter side. We can adjust your jacket, sleeve and trouser lengths for a suit that is form-fitting and flattering, and offer a full size run from a chest size 34 to a size 50. We can also adjust the shoulder-to-waist ratio of our jackets, so those with broad shoulders and narrow waists can find a comfortable fit. If you have an unconventional figure, you should also consider our Offshore Bespoke service, whereby we’ll create a unique paper pattern expressly for you.

“Our made-to-measure tailoring offers a deft balance of craft and convenience. It’s designed for clients who need help to find a perfect fit, without the cost and time commitment of our bespoke services”

– Edward Sexton

The Made-to-Measure Process

Made-to-measure garments are made in the same specialist tailoring workshop as our ready-to-wear collection, and based on the same master patterns. The service starts with a 45-minute consultation, whereby we’ll fit you in our ready-to-wear garments to assess their fit and make any required adjustments accordingly. We’ll also take some measures from you to help with this. With the fitting completed, we’ll help you to choose the right cloth, cut and styling details for the suit you have in mind, and place the order with our workshop.

Just four to five weeks later, your finished garment will arrive at our Savile Row showroom, and we’ll fit the suit in-store, to ensure it fits as it should. At this point, we can make any minor adjustments required like fine-tuning the trouser or sleeve-lengths. We undertake these alterations in our own workrooms, and these will be completed within a few short days of your final fitting. With the final tweaks made, your perfected made-to-measure suit will be ready to collect.

Savile Row Bespoke Offshore Bespoke Made-to-Measure Ready-to-Wear
Cloth Over 5,000 cloths More than 1,500 cloths A curated library of 750 cloths Chosen by us, from the finest British and Italian mills or merchants
Pattern Personal pattern, drafted by hand from scratch Personal pattern, drafted by hand, based on our house block Adjusted from Sexton ready-to-wear silhouette All ready-to-wear patterns are cut by our bespoke team
Canvas Full floating canvas, hand-padded, cut to your pattern Full floating canvas, machine-padded, cut to your pattern Pre-made full floating canvas, machine-padded Pre-made full floating canvas, machine-padded
Collar & Sleeves Collar set and sleeves set by hand, sleeve-head sewn-in separately by hand Collar and sleeves set by hand, sleeve-head sewn in with sleeve Collar and sleeves machine-set Collar and sleeves machine-set
Fittings Baste, forward and final fittings Advanced fitting and final fitting Final fitting to ensure superior fit Alterations available for additional charge
Finishing Finished by hand with hand top-stitching and buttonholes, lining attached to facing by hand Finished by hand with hand top-stitching and buttonholes, lining attached to facing by machine Top stitching by hand, buttonholes by machine Top stitching by hand, buttonholes by machine
Make Bench-made in our Savile Row workrooms Made in a bespoke tailoring workshop overseas Made by a tailoring workshop overseas Made by a tailoring workshop overseas
Price Starting from £5,500/£6,600 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat) Starting from £2,460/£2,950 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat) Starting from £1667/£2000 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat) Starting from £1250/1500 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat)
Best for For clients who want the very best tailoring we can offer; a handmade suit that is designed around your needs and your figure For clients who appreciate our house style and want a suit that is beautifully made with a near-bespoke fit. This route offers exceptional quality in the Sexton style for a highly competitive price. For clients who like our ready-to-wear tailoring, but would like to choose a unique cloth, or have something made with small changes to the fit; including jacket length and waist size. For those who are keen to wear the Sexton look, but with the convenience of instant availability.
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