35 Savile Row

Welcome to our flagship store, No.35 Savile Row, a new home on the Row that brings our story full-circle.

London’s spiritual home for bespoke tailoring, Savile Row’s tailors have dressed world leaders, Hollywood superstars and captains of industry for close to 200 years. In 1969, Edward set a new direction for the street when he and Tommy Nutter opened the doors to their disruptive tailor’s shop, Nutter’s of Savile Row, on Valentine’s Day 1969.

 In the late 1960s, the world was changing – the swinging ‘60s ushered in a new era of self-expression and social mobility – but Savile Row was slow to respond. Tailors made traditional clothes for an ageing upper-class establishment. Window displays were frowned upon, and the street’s shopfronts were obscured with heavy velvet curtains. At Nutter’s, Edward and Tommy made bold, rebellious suits for a new generation of rock aristocrats, super models and dandies. The shop made a statement too with open windows filled with trashcans overflowing with fabric, from which stuffed mice would scurry, wearing diamond necklaces as they went. 

Nutter’s was designed to shake up traditional tailoring – and it did. The rest of Savile Row took down their curtains and started to embrace more fashionable cuts. So much so, that Edward’s work at Nutter’s of Savile Row laid the foundation for the so-called ‘new wave’ of Savile Row tailors in the 1990s, self-starters like Ozwald Boateng, Richard James and Timothy Everest. 


Located at No.35 Savile Row, our new store is just a few doors down from the legendary Nutter’s shop, and represents a poignant homecoming. No.35 isn’t quite as provocative as the original Nutter’s of Savile Row store, but it does offer a unique experience on the Row.

Designed by friend of the house, interior designer Daniel Hopwood, No.35 is a contemporary ode to the craft of tailoring. The space is finished with striking touches that speak to Edward Sexton’s rebellious, yet elegant design philosophy. Subtle Art Deco and 1970s details reflect the two eras that we find most inspiring, from the metallic angle-poise lighting, to the decadent central marble island. The island forms a centre-piece in the shop and evokes a familiar, bar-like feel for clients to gather round and socialise. Of course, it also doubles as a tailor’s cutting table. Two fitting rooms are separated by plush navy velvet brocade curtains, finished with standing mirrors and carefully curated midcentury furniture.


Creative conversations are central to what we do as tailors and designers. We wanted to create a shop that felt luxurious, but relevant – and welcoming rather than stuffy. We hugely value human connection in our work, and the opportunity to build long-term relationships with all our clients – helping them to shape their wardrobes and create clothes that reflect their personalities. We are lucky to dress a rich mix of artists, musicians, actors and other influential cultural figures who constantly help us to refine the Sexton look. The store is a reflection of many of these creative conversations, too.

We hope you’ll feel that No.35 Savile Row is an elegant space where you can enjoy spending time – whether that’s over a cup of tea in Wedgwood China, or an espresso from our much-loved Stelton coffee pot. Whether you’re coming to us for the first time or the fiftieth, do come in and see us soon.