Savile Row Bespoke Tailoring

Sexton Savile Row Bespoke is the pinnacle of handmade tailoring. A unique garment designed expressly for you, crafted with a unique three-dimensional form to flatter your figure and to suit your personal tastes. Cut, made and fitted by our dedicated studio of highly-skilled craftspeople, a Savile Row Bespoke suit is, in Edward’s words “the pinnacle of masculine elegance”.

Sexton Appeal

There’s nothing quite comparable to the sleek and shapely silhouette of a Sexton bespoke suit. Our tailoring’s sweeping curves and defined lines bestow presence, stature and sophistication in equal measure. Our handmade jackets, overcoats and trousers alike are cut to lend the wearer a discreet sense of elegance, while our generous lapels, defined shoulders and long, rakish lines contribute to a garment with no small amount of flair. Edward likes to say that our Savile Row Bespoke tailoring fulfils the duality of all true handmade suiting, in that it is “dramatic and yet discreet” all at once.

Dramatic Design

At Sexton, we use our craft to disguise imperfections and accentuate one’s natural gifts; a handsome jacket has the power to make you taller, slimmer, broader or svelter, depending on your physique and personal preference. We’ll guide you closely through the design process, defining the line of the lapels or the proportions of your pocket flaps to create a suit that. We’ll also work with you to select the perfect for cloth for your suit, keeping in mind its intended purpose, context and the climate you plan to wear it in. We will recommend colours and tones to flatter your skin-tone and harmonise with your existing wardrobe, and suggest stripes or checks to strike a chord.

Peerless Craft

Our Savile Row Bespoke garments draw on more than 50 years of exacting craftsmanship. Each client’s pattern is drafted by hand, using the highly personal techniques and systems that Edward has applied in our workshop since the 1970s. Before we draft your pattern, we’ll take more than 40 precise measurements and assess your figuration in detail. These measures and our instinct for the way a certain cloth behaves when it’s sewn or worked with a steam iron inform your own individual paper pattern, which will be yours for as long as you work with us. A single Sexton suit benefits from more than 80 hours of delicate handwork, a unique hand-stitched internal canvas that’s shaped to your own body, a minimum of three fittings and more than 30,000 hand-stitches to create a bespoke garment that is a truly personal expression of your own style and personality.

“The man should wear the suit – the suit should never wear the man”

– Edward Sexton

The Savile Row
Bespoke Process


All our Savile Row Bespoke creations start with a design consultation. We’ll take some time to sit with you, explore your wardrobe, your motivation for visiting us and the garment you have in mind. The cut, styling and cloth we choose together will be informed by a multitude of different, very personal, preferences; ranging from what you feel most comfortable in, to the purpose of the new suit that you have in mind. A versatile, handsome dark blue suit to wear all-year-round requires a very different cut and construction to a statement wedding suit in cream gabardine, or a dark green velvet sports jacket to wear out on the town. By taking some time to understand your preferences, your existing wardrobe and your requirements for this new commission, we can be sure to crafts something.

With the style and cloth of your garment chosen, we’ll take your measures and assess your figure. No two silhouettes are quite the same, and a Savile Row Bespoke garment takes account for every individual’s own quirks; smoothing over imperfections and foregrounding flattering features. We’ll produce a paper pattern for you, drafted by hand, and use this to ‘strike out’ the panels of your chosen cloth. With your garment cut, each stage of the making process is highly specialised. Our Coat Makers will sew together your jackets and waistcoats by hand, while our Trouser Makers specialise in crafting trousers for perfect results, delicately finishing waistbands by hand, and shrinking or stretching cloth to suit the natural shape and movement of your body. Finishers will hand-sew your lining, insert your suit’s delicate buttonholes by hand and topstitch the lapels and pocket flaps. We even use a specialist Presser, who’s mastered the art of applying a tailor’s steam iron to a bespoke jacket to lock-in its three-dimensional shape and breathe life into the garment, just so.

We’ll fit your garment across a minimum of three fittings. The basted fitting is first, where we ensure that the canvas and body of the suit fits your form as smoothly as can be. At this stage, the coat’s collar will likely be removed, the jacket’s sleeves may be detached so we can determine the correct sleeve pitch for you, and we’ll also ‘mark up’ any changes with chalk to re-cut your pattern accordingly. A few weeks later, you’ll be called back for the forward fitting. Here, the sleeves, lapels and collar will be attached to the jacket and we’ll assess how comfortably the near-finished jacket is sitting on the body. Following that comes an advanced forward or ‘final’ fitting, where we’ll check the garment over, determine it is as flawless as it should be and make any last minor tweaks needed for you to feel truly comfortable.

When you visit us for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s helpful for clients to attend their consultation and subsequent fittings wearing a shirt or knit and shoes they’re likely to wear with their suit. This will help us to ensure that trouser cuffs sit perfectly with the requisite amount of break, and sleeve-lengths show just a hint of shirt cuff. Please also keep in mind the timings required for us to deliver a bespoke garment to standard. An initial consultation will require around an hour to determine what you’d like to order, look at cloths and take your measures. The basted fitting will be ready around two weeks later and typically takes between 30-minutes to an hour. Following that, another two weeks or so later, your forward fitting will be ready, which requires at least 30 minutes to fit properly.

We are very particular, and when you come to final collection fitting, we may need to make some few final tweaks to ensure perfect results. We expect a bespoke suit to be ready around around two months from the initial consultation, but for weddings or other special occasions, working to a lead time of three months is advisable to allow plenty of time to perfect your suit. Subsequent commissions may be faster and require fewer fittings, once your pattern has been fine-tuned. We also encourage clients to return their new suit to us after a few months of wear for a complimentary service and press, so we can make any adjustments required once your new clothes have settled on the body.

Our Savile Row Bespoke tailoring is created truly without compromise. This service is the high-point of our craft, requiring both great technical skill and creative instinct. Every suit we cut is a creation that is as unique as you are, designed to compliment your lifestyle like nothing else can.

Savile Row Bespoke Offshore Bespoke Made-to-Measure Ready-to-Wear
Cloth Over 5,000 cloths More than 1,500 cloths A curated library of 750 cloths Chosen by us, from the finest British and Italian mills or merchants
Pattern Personal pattern, drafted by hand from scratch Personal pattern, drafted by hand, based on our house block Adjusted from Sexton ready-to-wear silhouette All ready-to-wear patterns are cut by our bespoke team
Canvas Full floating canvas, hand-padded, cut to your pattern Full floating canvas, machine-padded, cut to your pattern Pre-made full floating canvas, machine-padded Pre-made full floating canvas, machine-padded
Collar & Sleeves Collar set and sleeves set by hand, sleeve-head sewn-in separately by hand Collar and sleeves set by hand, sleeve-head sewn in with sleeve Collar and sleeves machine-set Collar and sleeves machine-set
Fittings Baste, forward and final fittings Advanced fitting and final fitting Final fitting to ensure superior fit Alterations available for additional charge
Finishing Finished by hand with hand top-stitching and buttonholes, lining attached to facing by hand Finished by hand with hand top-stitching and buttonholes, lining attached to facing by machine Top stitching by hand, buttonholes by machine Top stitching by hand, buttonholes by machine
Make Bench-made in our Savile Row workrooms Made in a bespoke tailoring workshop overseas Made by a tailoring workshop overseas Made by a tailoring workshop overseas
Price Starting from £5,500/£6,600 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat) Starting from £2,460/£2,950 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat) Starting from £1667/£2000 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat) Starting from £1250/1500 (for a two piece suit ex vat/inc vat)
Best for For clients who want the very best tailoring we can offer; a handmade suit that is designed around your needs and your figure For clients who appreciate our house style and want a suit that is beautifully made with a near-bespoke fit. This route offers exceptional quality in the Sexton style for a highly competitive price. For clients who like our ready-to-wear tailoring, but would like to choose a unique cloth, or have something made with small changes to the fit; including jacket length and waist size. For those who are keen to wear the Sexton look, but with the convenience of instant availability.
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