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At Edward Sexton, we have made striking bespoke tailoring for women since the early 1970s. From Bianca Jagger and Naomi Campbell, to Eva Herzigova and Annie Lennox, we apply our meticulous process and flair for design to suits that help our clients to feel confident, chic and powerful – expressing contemporary female identity through the tailor’s craft.

Couture charisma

From dramatic cherry red velvet double-breasted jackets, to chic three-piece suits in cream silk, or striking business suits in classic grey chalkstripe flannel, the Sexton look translates seamlessly to womenswear. We enjoy nothing more than designing an outfit with a client to transform your wardrobe and make you feel truly special. Our womenswear has always been impactful with strong shoulders and svelte, architectural lines. We don’t make suits that shy away from the limelight, we create clothes for you to wear while you take centre stage.

Personal service, handmade quality

The process for creating our women’s bespoke suiting follows the same methodology as our bespoke garments for men – with a few important distinctions. It begins with a consultation in our Savile Row tailoring studio, where we’ll spend some time discussing your wardrobe and the requirements for your new clothes. We’ll look at fabrics together and advise on weight, drape, colour and pattern. Following that we’ll help to design your suit, and pay careful attention to your garments’ lines and proportions – creating a unique paper pattern for you that will flatter the figure and be completely comfortable to wear.

A finely-tuned craft process

In order to fine tune your new clothes, we’ll work with you for between two and four fittings, to assess the work-in-progress garment on your body at each stage of the making progress. An Edward Sexton bespoke suit takes an average of 80 hours to cut and stitch by hand, and it’s important that we see garments taking shape on our clients’ bodies during this process. While our suits are designed to deliver a dynamic impression, we want you to feel completely at ease when you wear our work. Between us, our bespoke team has more than 200 years of collective experience in designing and making for women.

“Crafting dynamic bespoke tailoring for women is its own unique art form. Negotiating the figure’s peaks and valleys requires true attention to detail to achieve a flawless fit.”

– Edward Sexton

Edward Sexton
British Style Genius


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