French Navy Double Breasted Jacket

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The French Navy Double-Breasted Jacket is a symbol of classic sophistication. With its impeccable tailoring and deep navy colour, it's a statement piece that empowers your style. Discover a world of possibilities with this distinguished jacket. Pair it with our French Navy Trousers to create a refined suit.
Jacket Size
About the block

The Edward Sexton Double-Breasted 2X3 Jacket showcases refined tailoring that defines our brand. Our commitment to enhancing your silhouette and style shines through in our double-breasted creations, offered in two complementary styles. At the forefront is the timeless Signature Double-Breasted jacket. Featuring four buttons for fastening and two 'show buttons' on the chest, this design, a personal favorite of Edward, bestows an aura of stature and authority upon the wearer. These double-breasted jackets, available in a range of bold colors and soft textures, possess a unique ability to make a playful yet commanding impression. With the Edward Sexton Double-Breasted 2X3 Jacket, it's not just about wearing a garment; it's about making a statement. This jacket strikes a perfect balance between classic sophistication and a modern twist, ensuring you radiate confidence and style, whether you choose bold hues or more understated tones.

Cloth information

Our French navy fine worsted wool boasts a weight of 270g/m, woven to perfection in Italy. Crafted from 100% wool, this fabric guarantees comfort, durability, and a touch of luxury.

Product details

• Peek lapel
• Two front buttons to fasten, with a total of 6 visible
• Straight X Pockets with flaps
• Out ticket pocket with flap
• Out breast welt
• Side vents
• Two in-breast pockets
• Pen pocket bellow left in breast
• Ticket pocket in left facing
• Full floating canvas
• Edge stitching by hand
• Button Holes by hand
• 4 sham button holes so the sleeve can be altered before button holes can are cut.
• Inlay to lengthen the sleeve up to 2”
• Inlay to lent out the waist up to 2”

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