Navy Cotton Jersey Hidden Button Down Shirt

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Our Navy Cotton jersey hidden button-down shirt is the Sexton answer to a relaxed semi-formal look. Its pointed is cut on the same pattern as our pin and tab collar shirts, but fitted with hidden tabs that fasten to the shirt beneath its points. This helps the collar to stand proud on the neck worn with, or without a tie. The fabric is a relaxed and comfortable cotton jersey, it has a touch of sheen giving it a dark sexy formality. Following the success of last winter's seasonal forest green Bengal stripes, we've brought the very same superfine Italian two-fold shirting back, now with our hidden button-down collar. It works perfectly with a tie, or open-necked beneath a jacket. Alternatively, you can un-button the collar and spread it over your jacket's lapels for look that Mick Jagger would be proud of. Like all our shirts, it's sewn with delicate single-needle French seams, inset sleeves that sit clean around the shoulders and nine stitches per centimetre for a flawless finish. Pair with a bold striped or checked grey flannel suit with a forest green tie and pocket hanky to match for an elegant Sexton look with an Art Deco edge.

If you are a bespoke shirt customer, select the bespoke option and we will make it to your last measures.