Portrait of Edward Sexton

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In 1973, just four years after Edward and Tommy Nutter had opened Nutters Of Savile Row, the UK experienced a period of massive inflation and a debt crisis, which was exacerbated by wide-spread industrial action and an oil embargo with the Middle East. By the end of the year, energy-saving measures were implemented and the UK economy was stagnating severely. In January 1974, Ted Heath’s ‘Three Day Week’ came into force, which remained in place for months.

This unfortunate turn of events crippled many British businesses, including Nutter’s. To help, David Nutter offered Edward and Tommy a who’s who introduction to Manhattan. Edward flew to New York on 22nd February 1974 for the first time and was introduced to the city’s great and good by David. He also contacted every American client who had been to the London shop. Thanks in part to David’s help, Edward returned with over 50 orders for bespoke suits. It was a trip that saved the company.


This portrait was taken by David Nutter on the roof or the Biltmore Hotel where Edward was staying. Edward is wearing a suit in Nutters’ house style, with flared trousers in a worsted pinstripe, with a silver tie by Charles Hill.

16X20 silver gelatine print. Limited run of 25 images signed by the artist. Images are available unframed or framed and mounted. Delivery in 4 weeks of ordering.