White Pin Collar Shirt

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The signature sexton shirt, seriously smart and versatile, the formal option to go under a sexton suit, holding the tie perfectly in place all day long and allowing expression through the choice of pin.
Collar Size
About the block

The pin collar is an Edward Sexton signature, designed to be worn with a tie and one of our solid gold or sterling silver collar pins. The pin sits beneath your tie knot and keeps the tie standing proud from the neck, filled with life and shape. Pair with a double-breasted suit and contrast collar shirt for maximum impact.

Product details

•Pin Collar (points 9.4cm long, band 4.6cm high)
•French cuff 9cm deep
•Single stitched French seams
•Mother of pearl buttons
•Swelled edges on the collar and cuffs
•Lilly stitched buttons for security with a shank for ease of fastening
•Split yoke
•Inset sleeves which keep the front of the shirt looking crisp
•100% cotton, machine washable
•Removable collar bones
•Supplied with plain navy silk knot cufflinks and base metal collar bar
•Special orders available on request

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