Navy and Red Stripe Heritage Suit

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Cut from a crisp Cotton and Wool blend cloth, the drape on this heritage suit is firm and structured, with a subtle texture under the bold red and white stripes.

Walking the line between playful and formal, this suit creates presence and authority, lending itself as both office and event attire. The strong and architectural lines and the crisp dark navy cut a powerful silhouette in any scenario.

Far from all business, the striking red and white pinstripes add a bit of fun to what would otherwise be an office power-suit.
Jacket Description

Our heritage cut is all about the lines: bold and structured with genereous peak lapels and unapologetic shoulders. Paired with this firm, textured Wool and Cotton blend, this jacket makes a powerful statement.

With such a powerful sillohette and cut in a deep rich Navy, this jacket is crisp and smart - but with an added element of playfullness and fun with the pronounced red and white stripes.

Together with the matching Heritage trousers, this jacket completes a quintessentially Sexton powersuit - structured, striking and sexy.

Jacket Details

• Single breasted
• Peak lapel
• One front button
• Jetted X Pockets with flaps
• Out ticket pocket with flap
• Out breast welt
• Side vents
• 2 in-breast pockets
• Pen pocket below left in breast
• Ticket pocket in left facing
• Full floating canvas
• Edge stitching by hand
• Button Holes by hand
• Working cuff with 4 sham button holes so the sleeve, which can be altered before button holes are cut
• Inlay to lengthen the sleeve up to 2”

Jacket Block

Our Heritage Jacket is the epitome of the Sexton look, cut with confident peak lapels, a straight shoulder line and one button to fasten. Single-breasted one-button jackets like this contribute to a lean, athletic look. The single button focuses the eye on the wearer’s natural waistline, while a broad lapel draws the eye towards the shoulders, which contrasts with the jacket’s slim waist. The overall impression is supremely elegant, and true to our art deco reference points.

Trouser Description

Wide cut, double pleats and turned up hems meet this deep Navy Wool and Cotton blend cloth, with bold Red and White stripe.

To be worn primarily as part of a suit with the matching Heritage jacket, or dressed down with a white tee and white sneakers for a fun juxtaposed smart/casual look.

Trouser Details

• Two forward pleats
• Jetted slant side pockets
• Double jet hip pocket on the right with hole and button
• 2" waistband with elongated extension and keeper loop
• Sexton pistol-shaped side adjusters
• 2” turn-up
• Inlay to let out the waist up to 2"
Inlay to let out the fork 1”
• 2" of inlay in the hem to lengthen the trousers.

Trouser Block

Those who, like us, enjoy a touch of romance in their dress may prefer trousers cut with pleats. Our Heritage Trousers are cut in the classic mid-century style with a high rise, generous legs and two deep, forward-facing pleats on each side of the waist. Trousers like these create the illusion of a slim waist and hips, and form the bottom half of the hourglass shape that starts with our jackets. We finish these with our signature pistol shaped side straps and slant-jet pockets; details which help our Heritage Trousers to retain a clean, fluid line through the leg.

Cloth information

At 360g, this 60% Wool and 40% Cotton strikes a balance with the dual bennefits of each fibre - resulting in a firm, rugged handle that keeps the cloth crisp and sharp, helping the suit travel extremely well

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