Knightsbridge Bespoke

Edward Sexton has been at the forefront of the British bespoke tailoring establishment for over 50 years. From his workshop on Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge, Sexton and his team create truly elegant couture suits, coats and separates, which draw upon Edward’s uncompromising understanding of design and his commitment to handcrafted tailoring.

The Signature of Knightsbridge Bespoke

Sexton suits are iconic not only for their elegant, glamorous design, but also for the instinctive talent of Edward himself. Edward has a life’s worth of experience in creating handmade tailoring of the highest possible standard. His tailoring philosophy is legendary and his understanding of the craft unparalleled.

As such, a Sexton bespoke suit is immaculately hand-cut, hand-sewn and hand-finished in-house by the Sexton workshop, retaining high standards in-house is of paramount importance. Edward and Dominic cut every garment individually, imbuing into the two-dimensional panels of the suit a unique understanding of proportion, finesse, silhouette and structure. The customer is not just fitted in their suit, a suit is moulded to the customer’s figure, to enhance the impression of his physique and achieve a flawless, harmonious design.

Once cut, every garment is sewn in-house by Edward’s chosen craftspeople. Handwork is of paramount importance to the Knightsbridge bespoke service, and it is only Edward’s dedication to the precise art of hand tailoring that allows a Sexton suit to achieve its unique balance of softness, richness and an expressive silhouette. At every stage of the process, aesthetic balance and the necessity of creating an elegant garment is considered, lending a Knightsbridge Bespoke suit its unique sense of composure.


The Knightsbridge Bespoke Process

A flawless understanding of design is central to the creation of a Knightsbridge bespoke suit. Every commission begins with a design consultation, where the customer can relax and share his requirements for his clothes, and receive guidance on how to best achieve the bespoke garment that they envision. Advice on cut, proportion, cloth and styling will be provided accordingly.

A wealth of measurements and assessments of the customer’s stance and physique will be taken and accounted for when his pattern is cut. After a few short weeks, the garment will be basted ready for its first fitting, where the raw skeleton of the suit is assessed on the customer’s body so as to better refine its fit and shape.

This process will be repeated through further fittings until the Sexton team is satisfied. As the garment continues to take shape sleeves will be immaculately hand-set, a lining, collar and lapel facings will appear, pocket flaps will be bound in place, checks and stripes will be meticulously matched across the body, sleeves, back and through the jacket’s pockets, topstitching and button-holes will be entirely hand-sewn – whilst all the time the suit’s form will improve flawlessly with each passing fitting.

Only then will a final fitting take place, allowing the customer to experience their finished commission for the first time. There are no limitations with the Knightsbridge Bespoke service, and the result is an entirely handmade, truly elegant garment, underpinned by Edward’s own uncompromising philosophy.