“Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; it’s ten to one if they hang together.” – Douglas William Jerrold

Having had the perfect Sexton suit made, the next step is to romance it with a suitable shirt. At Edward Sexton we make shirts with the same philosophy that we make suits; considering not only quality of construction, but also the significance of choosing the correct fabric, proportions and style.

After deciding upon the style and shape of their shirt, as well as its depth (how close to the body they like the shirt to sit), customers are comprehensively measured to achieve the perfect fit. They then choose from our vast selection of superior cottons, linens and silks. We advise on the perfect collar shape for each individual’s physique, taking into account the proportions of their neck and shoulders. We also offer Edward’s signature tab-collar or pin-collar shapes for a particularly elegant and sophisticated finish.

Our bespoke shirts feature beautifully sewn narrow single-stitched seams (with an immaculate nine stitches per centimetre) to ensure neatness and smoothness, alongside a split yoke for comfort. The sleeve is set in like that on a jacket to keep the chest area and top of the sleeve looking clean and sharp. All of our numerous collar options have been engineered to lift at the front so whether worn with a tie or open necked, the collar sits proud framing the neck beautifully.

An Edward Sexton shirt – much like a Sexton suit – stands apart in terms of enduring style, elegance of design, quality, comfort and longevity. It fits the form with the same smoothness and precision expected of a Sexton suit. Having had a shirt made to fit with such precision, it is hard for many to return to ready-to-wear.

For customers who do not have the time to visit, we now offer an exceptional ready-to-wear shirt made to the same exceptional standard as our bespoke, available through our online shop. We are also selling handmade silver cufflinks and 18ct gold collar bars to create an authentic Sexton look.