Ways To Fold Hankies

Hanky folded like a shell
A handkerchief’s importance is not to be dismissed. Despite modest proportions, it has led to the ubiquitous addition of a welt pocket to all coats. And its positioning close to the eyeline marks the necessity in choosing the right one.
The Sexton approach to this choice relies on our modus operandi of “romancing the look”. Our line of pocket squares will allow for this through a play on both hues and textures. Ranging from woollen blends to silks, polkadots to paisleys; our collection will accompany all palettes through an adjunction of colours, and all seasons through choice of fibre.
To “romance”, perfuse well combined contrasting tones to expand the palette, or opt for a more delicate fold to include a touch of femininity.
This process remains essential in finishing off the labours of our craftsmanship.
Laying your pocket square flat, pleat three times and fold over perpendicular to pleats.
Pleat in same manner as tri-fold, including more gathers along the length of the square. Fold over and bulge out when placing it in welt.
Create dimple in center of handkerchief and twist to maintain at base. Lift one corner out and place in welt.
The five point
Gather all four corners of square , arrange opposite side into a point, fold in half and arrange in pocket.