Since our inception, we’ve been known for our elegant tailoring that’s rooted in both the glamour of the mid-century and the golden era of Hollywood. And while our signature designs continue to hark back to more elegant times, we’re constantly working on ways to reinvigorate what we do. What does the Sexton suit of the future look like? It’s still classic in its proportions, and will always reference style icons of the past, but subtle differences make it relevant for the present day. This is what our latest drop, Bloom, is all about. It’s a capsule collection of looks made for today, infusing everything we’re known for in contemporary, tonal, easy to wear staples, updated with beautiful textured fabrics and simple styling. 

These are looks that transcend dress codes, looking just right no matter when and where you wear them. They can take you from weddings to summer BBQs, and from cloth-tabled restaurants to neon hued dive bars. They channel that familiar louche Sexton energy and infuse it with a modernity and versatility that are key components of the contemporary wardrobe.

Take the Interference double-breasted suit, for instance. Glance at it from a hundred feet away and it’s instantly recognisable as Sexton. It’s cut on our low DB block, with a single fastening button that sits at the hip. This creates a long, sweeping line from the beginning of the lapel, which extends high up to the shoulder, allowing the full belly of the peaks to create the illusion of a broad, powerful chest. This is only furthered by the strong roped shoulders, which create a straight line from the neck out to the sleeve head. This imposing, masculine silhouette of the low DB was notably worn by Humphrey Bogart and the Duke of Windsor, and has long been a favourite of Edward.

Interference suit


And yet, for this drop we’ve taken this Art Deco, 1930s inspired suit and cut it in a wholly modern fabric. Woven in Italy, it’s a cotton and wool and blend that looks like a classic tweed from afar, yet up close has the rich texture and crisp hand-feel of a boucle. It’s surprisingly lightweight and breathable, but its tight weave gives it plenty of body, allowing it to hold its shape like a much heavier, traditional tweed. Its monochrome blend of black, grey and white flecks combines with the jacket’s tonal horn buttons and minimal, ventless back to create a thoroughly up to date, adaptable suit.


Then there’s the camel contemporary suit.

Camel suit

This is a look that borrows the best of the ‘70s and updates it with clean lines, tonal styling when paired with the silk shirt, and a luxuriously soft fabric. Cut in a lightweight camel 100% wool twill, the colour references the safari suits we made in the ‘70s, while the

beautiful fabric and large patch pockets give it a fresh feel that’s furthered by combining it with the matching shirt. Cut on our Contemporary block, the jacket boasts wide peak lapels and a two-button front, while the strong roped shoulders still anchor it with classic Sexton appeal. Pair it with the matching trousers for a crisp, comfortable spring suit, or split the two up and make use of their versatile shade and soft, slightly brushed texture.


When it comes to separates though, we’re particularly happy with our unstructured jacket and sand trouser combination. Referencing classic mid century style, we’ve paired the two with our cobalt blue knitted polo for a sporty, off-duty feel. The jacket is remarkable in its lack of structure. Made from an impossibly light wool, silk and linen blend, its open weave and soft,crease-resistant finish makes it a breezy, comfortable option, whether for the city or travelling further afield. Its large flap pockets help with the latter, keeping passports and documents perfectly safe, while the one button front and single rear vent complete the clean, minimal detailing.

Beige unstructured

This all combines for a look that, at first, you might not expect from us. We’re known, after all, for our strong, powerful shoulders with dramatic peak lapels and hourglass silhouettes. The unstructured jacket isn’t quite that, but it still channels elements of classic Sexton. There’s the single button fastening, which draws the eye up towards the shoulder line, elongating the torso. And the lapels might be notched, but they still boast plenty of belly and width, maintaining the essence of the same look we’ve been championing since the ‘70s.


For our most casual look of the drop, we’ve once again gazed back to the ‘70s with our take on the safari shirt. We’ve trimmed the fat, modernising the shirt by removing extraneous details like shoulder epaulettes, belts and overcomplicated pockets. We’ve also cut it from a brown Italian wool and silk blend, with flecks of orange and yellow in the weave. This results in a modern, versatile piece and one that wears just as well with jeans as it does our signature pleated, House trouser. That essentially sums up the drop. Easy, adaptable, comfortable. Bloom is our vision for what modern tailoring should be.

Brown Over-shirt
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March 16, 2023