Blue Butcher's Tab Collar Shirt

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Collar Size
This mid-blue butcher's stripe shirt is a chic alternative to plain blue poplin. Cut to a slim-fitting pattern, the pin collar is a Sexton signature inspired by the Art Deco period, designed to keep your tie sitting proud on the neck throughout the day. Like all our shirts, this is finished to the highest possible standard, with our unique Sexton collar pattern, inset sleeves, single-needle French seams and swelled edges on the collar and cuffs.
A mid-blue shirt is an indispensable wardrobe staple, understated and elegant. This autumn, we've added a seasonal thick blue and white butcher's stripe shirt to our collection, which is easily dressed up with a formal flannel suit, or down with a navy hopsack blazer and our wide-leg gabardine trousers in olive green or beige