Oatmeal Flannel Capri Collar Overshirt

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Introducing our Oatmeal Flannel Capri Collar Over-Shirt, a true embodiment of refined comfort. Crafted from 100% wool fabric woven in Italy, this over-shirt offers a subtle and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

The oatmeal flannel fabric, with its 290g/m weight, strikes the perfect balance between warmth and sophistication. The broad sweep of the Capri collar adds a touch of Edward Sexton style, gently rolling as a one-piece collar for a distinctive look.

Pair it with our Oatmeal Flannel Heritage Trousers for a complete ensemble that exudes timeless elegance. Alternatively, break them up and combine with other pieces for a more versatile wardrobe. The versatility of this over-shirt and trousers combination allows you to effortlessly transition from formal to casual, ensuring you're always dressed in refined comfort and style.
Cloth information

Our Oatmeal Flannel, woven in Italy from 100% wool, is a testament to timeless elegance. This fabric boasts a weight of 290g/m, making it the ideal choice for those seeking both comfort and style. Subtle in its appearance, the Oatmeal Flannel exudes refinement and sophistication. Its subtle texture and warm, neutral hue make it a versatile addition to any wardrobe, suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

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