Charcoal Flannel Contemporary Trousers

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Dark, simple, and elegant, the Charcoal Flannel Contemporary Trousers offer a perfect blend of ease and poise. Their rich texture and graceful flow contribute to a refined appearance.
Trouser Size
About the block

The Edward Sexton Contemporary Trousers – a modern and minimalist interpretation of Savile Row elegance. These trousers feature plain fronts, embodying a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they offer a versatile and sophisticated addition to your wardrobe. Our Contemporary Trousers strike the perfect balance between modern style and the timeless craftsmanship associated with Savile Row. With a subtle leg taper, they neither lean too wide nor too slim, ensuring a comfortable fit that exudes understated sophistication. These trousers are designed to take you anywhere with confidence, seamlessly complementing suit jackets or sports jackets. When you wear Edward Sexton Contemporary Trousers, you embrace the essence of Savile Row's heritage while stepping boldly into the modern era of refined attire.

Cloth information

Dark, formal, and elegant, the Charcoal Flannel Cloth at 340 g/m is woven in Italy from 100% wool. Despite its dark tone, it exhibits rich texture and a beautiful drape.

Product details

• Flat front
• Jetted slant side pockets
• Double jet hip pocket on the right with hole and button
• 1 1/2“ waistband with extension
• Sexton pistol-shaped side adjusters
• Plain bottoms
• Inlay to let out the waist up to 2"
• Inlay to let out the fork 1”
• Inlay to lengthen up to 2”

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