Iridescent Plum Suit

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Incredible colours play off of this rich and iredescent cloth, capturing light beautifully. Fit for playful naughty nights out or for fun summer events, this suit is a statement piece guaranteed to impress.

Up close the colour is almost mottled, with plum tones shimmering through from the blue base notes. To complement a cloth with as much life as this, it could only be made on the bold architectural lines of our heritage jacket, and finished with our subtly flared parallel trousers.

The result is a magnificent no-messing-around suit, bold and confident whilst remaining fun and playful.
Jacket Description

Shimmering tones of plum radiate through from rich blue tones in this stunning wool coth.

A cloth of such calibre calls for a jacket that means business, which is why the structured shoulder and wide peak lapels of our heritage jacket are such a good pairing.

Jacket Details

• Single breasted
• Peak lapel
• One front button
• Jetted X Pockets with flaps
• Out ticket pocket with flap
• Out breast welt
• Side vents
• 2 in-breast pockets
• Pen pocket below left in breast
• Ticket pocket in left facing
• Full floating canvas
• Edge stitching by hand
• Button Holes by hand
• Working cuff with 4 sham button holes so the sleeve, which can be altered before button holes are cut
• Inlay to lengthen the sleeve up to 2”

Jacket Block

Our Heritage Jacket is the epitome of the Sexton look, cut with confident peak lapels, a straight shoulder line and one button to fasten. Single-breasted one-button jackets like this contribute to a lean, athletic look. The single button focuses the eye on the wearer’s natural waistline, while a broad lapel draws the eye towards the shoulders, which contrasts with the jacket’s slim waist. The overall impression is supremely elegant, and true to our art deco reference points.

Trouser Description

To pair with this rich iridescent blue and plum cloth, our parallel trouser matches the playful and retro tone.

Cut with a gentleman's flare and functional flap fob pockets, these trousers radiate character. This together with the shimmering plum tones of the cloth creates a fun garment to inject some personality into your wardrobe.

Trouser Details

• Flat front
• Straight Side pockets (sewn shut to keep the line unless you need them) • Two large fob pockets with flap • Single jett hip pocket on the right with hole and button. • Sexton Pistol side adjuster • 2" waistband • Sexton pistol-shaped side adjusters • 2" turn up • Inlay to let out waist up to 2" • Inlay to let out the fork 1" • Inlay to lengthen up to 2”

Trouser Block

Most of our trousers are cut with timeless, gently tapered legs, but we also recently reintroduced Parallel Trousers, which taper through the thigh and then fall straight from the knee, giving the impression of a subtle flare. These come with no small amount of sex appeal, and are the style of trouser that Edward introduced at Nutter’s of Savile Row, as worn by the rock aristocracy of the 1970s – Mick Jagger in particular. Turn-ups add a touch of panache, and help wider leg trousers to drape and fall correctly – and so are always to be encouraged. We like healthy two-inch turn-ups on all of our trousers.

Cloth information

230g of 100% italian wool, woven with both blue and plum to provide a stunning irredescent finish

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