Space Invader Unstructured Jacket

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The Space Invaders Unstructured Jacket is a testament to the fusion of style and comfort. Designed to showcase the captivating intricacies of our Red, Brown, and Grey Micro Design Jersey fabric, this jacket exudes modern sophistication. Its unstructured silhouette adds a relaxed touch, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you're dressing up for a special event or adding a unique flair to your everyday look, this jacket is the epitome of contemporary style. Embrace the subtle boldness of the micro design and make a statement that's out of this world.
About the block

The Edward Sexton Unstructured Jacket is a true marvel of tailoring, where comfort meets refinement. Impossibly light and as comfortable as a cardigan, this jacket redefines what it means to wear tailored elegance.

Cloth information

Our Red, Brown, and Grey Micro Design Jersey fabric, expertly woven in Italy. Crafted from a blend of 73% viscose, 22% polyamide, and 5% elastic, this fabric offers a unique blend of comfort and style. With its dense and stretchy nature, it ensures a perfect fit while providing the versatility you crave in your wardrobe. At a glance, it may appear subtle, but upon closer inspection, it reveals an intriguing micro design reminiscent of space invaders.

Product details

• Single breasted
• Notch lapel
• One front fastening button
• Straight jetted pockets with flap
• Out breast welt
• Center vents
• 2 in-breast pockets
• No canvas except in lapel
• Edge stitching by hand
• Minimal lining
• Button Holes by hand
• Working cuff with 4 sham button holes in the sleve can be altered before button holes can are cut.
• Inlay to lengthen the sleeve up to 2”
• Inlay to lent out the waist up to 2”

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